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Glacier Explorers boat tour of Tasman Glacier Lake

Glacier Explorers Boat Tour

Glacier Explorers offers the rare opportunity to take a guided motorized boat tour on the Tasman Glacier terminal lake, up close with icebergs and the mighty glacier itself.

The Tasman Glacier is the longest in New Zealand at more than 25 kilometres in length. It ends in a vast terminal lake, and frequent carvings from its ice face fill the lake with massive floating icebergs. Glacier Explorers clients board custom-built MAC motorized boats and tour the lake and its ever-changing scenery, viewing the glacier’s ice face from a safe distance and enjoying the amazing opportunity to touch and taste ice crystals that are 300-500 years old.

The tour departs on a coach from the Hermitage Hotel and includes a 30-minute walk through the Tasman Valley’s glacier-carved landscape.

You can book the Glacier Explorers tour directly via this link.